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Sakhioba Ensemble


Out of their great love for the folk and sacred music of Georgia, members of Georgia’s newest generation of musicians created the ensemble Sakhioba. Founded at the beginning of 2006, Sakhioba is guided by the experience and knowledge of its director, Malkhaz Erkvanidze.

The 12 members of Sakhioba all studied Georgian sacred music from an early age, first at the Sioni Cathedral Parish School, progressing to various church choirs as their skills developed. As Georgia’s folk singing has close ties to its sacred music, the ensemble has also dedicated itself to folklore studies, including the study of traditional folk dances and instrumental music.

The word sakhioba means “sweet singing,” either with instruments or voices. The Sakhioba ensemble is committed to the revival of traditional Georgian music, paying special attention to the intonation, timbre, and arrangements of the remaining masters of traditional singing.
Sakhioba Ensemble