The Kennedy Center

This Way to the Egress


This Way to the Egress, an ole tymey- gypsypunk~cabaret band draw from many influences and "pump energy that a ska band would be proud of into songs seamlessly composed of jazz, blues, vaudeville, klezmer, incandescent circus sounds and the occasional hints of pirate attitude and an honest-to-PT Barnum-punk spitfire piss & vinegar sensibility." If you like Tom Waits, Gogol Bordello, Danny Elfman or anything a bit strange and unusual you'll wanna check "em out!!

Founded by front-man ‘Tyrant”Taylor Galassi in 2008 they are a 3 piece at its core. Taylor, switching between, Accordion, Cello, and vocals, “Saddle Sarah Shown” on piano, violin and vocals, and Mischief M@ Verderosa on Drums, Percussion, Toys and Glockenspiel. They have released their debut album in 2011, and are currently recording their 2nd full length album. Most recently they went on tour with Animator, author, and project records artist Voltaire. Aside from their traveling cabaret, they also score music for films, troupes, and performers and serve as a backing band for solo artists
This Way to the Egress