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Gilles Geenen


Gilles Geenen is an actor and a musician.  After two years of study at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, Belgium, he joined the Académie Théâtrale de l’Union in Limoges, France, where he trained for 20 months, alternating between internships and practical experience under directors such as Christopher Rauck, with whom he would perform in Le Révizor (2006/2007).  In 2008, he met up with Matthias Langhoff for the revival of Mauser by Heiner Muller, a project begun in 2006 in Limoges, and also for the creation of Hamlet-Cabaret in 2009 where he played the role of  Laertes (tour in France (Odéon in Paris) in Italy and in Portugal).  In 2010, in the same time frame of his roles in four theatrical performances (of which one was selected for the Impatiences festival organized by the Odéon), he performed in the film En Ville, by Valérie Mréjen (selected for the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival).  A violinist by training, for several years he’s been experimenting with other instruments and with music composition for the stage and cinema. He’s also developing programs specifically for children. Gilles is a member of the group Les Amants de Simone.

Gilles Geenen-Simon Morant