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FRU-FRU Puppet Theatre


The FRU-FRU Puppet Theatre started in 1984 as a typical suitcase theatre and became a professional family theatre in 1993. Their shows are trying to combine famous children's stories with suitable puppet images. The combination of acting, puppeteering and live music unveils the magic world of objects which come to life. Child-like, simple objects magically become puppets and thus part of the world reality.

In nineteen years this family theatre has become a repertory theatre with shows for all ages and with more than 250 shows every year. The FRU-FRU theatre cooperates with different distinguished directors of puppet shows, artists, authors, musicians and puppeteers. The theatre performs throughout Slovenia and abroad, in neighboring countries where Slovene people live. Internationally, it's taking part in different distinguished festivals all over Europe, in Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Croatia, Poland, France and Austria. The FRU-FRU theatre gained international recognition and has won many awards.

Watch Past Performances

Video 10/28/2013: My Umbrella is a Balloon, Too! (Slovenia)

Winner of five stars as “Best Children’s Show” (1999) at Edinburgh’s legendary Fringe Festival, this puppetry show from FRU-FRU Puppet Theatre takes audiences to a magic land with a young girl who has lost her ball and needs the help of her yellow umbrella. Part of Kids Euro Festival 2013. Free general admission tickets will be distributed in the States Gallery at approximately 5:30 p.m., up to 2 tickets per person.

FRU FRU Puppets