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Ulrika Bengtsson, Mads Refslund, and Morten Sohlberg


Swedish chef Ulrika Bengtsson is currently the food and beverage director at Smörgås Chef in New York City, having previously served in the same role at the Roger Smith Hotel.

Danish chef Mads Refslund is often credited with introducing New Nordic Cuisine to the United States. A co-founder of Copenhagen’s noma, Refslund is also the founder of MR in Copenhagen, which earned him his first Michelin star. Refslund describes his philosophy to cooking as “bonding rawness,” which entails bringing out natural, organic flavors of the ingredients without polluting the taste with excessive preparation or cooking. Refslund is currently the head chef at Acme in New York City.

Founder of the famed Smörgås Chef and Crepes du Nord in New York City, Morten Sohlberg and his team are committed to using local and all-natural ingredients. To achieve this goal, they own and operate their own farm in the Catskills, to ensure the most flavorful and sustainable produce and meats.

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  Ulrika Bengtsson, Mads Refslund, and Morten Sohlberg