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Sami joik singer Wimme Saari's music has been described as “shamanistic chant meets modern soundscapes.” Joik has certain elements in common with Native American music, most importantly a reverence for the earth and the elements. Wimme combines traditional joik elements with original improvisations. He has contributed his unique voice to albums by artists such as Hector Zazou, Hedningarna, Nits, and RinneRadio, and has also collaborated with Italian composer Aldo Brizzi. In 2005, Wimme toured England with Canadian Inuit singer Tanya Tagaq and Kalmuckian throat-singer Okna Tsahan Zam in a production called Shaman Voices.

Nordic Cool 2013 is presented in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers and Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.
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