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Did you know that everyday life is just full of science? With Aha! Fun with Science!  you’ll step inside the everyday life of an average person from Estonia — a Baltic country in Northern Europe — to see how science really is everywhere! The hustle and bustle of a “typical” Estonian day is filled with lots of awesome scientific experiments that include explosive toothpaste, giant bath bubbles, and a drive through thick fog — it’s all very funny, but you’ll also learn the very real science behind the things you do and see all the time.

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Video 11/4/2014: Aha! Fun with Science (Estonia)

 From Science Centre AHHAA, experience the multitude of awesome scientific experiments that the average Estonian goes through in a typical day! For age 4+. Part of Kids Euro Festival 2014 and presented in cooperation with the Embassy of Estonia.

Science Centre AHHAA