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Native America


Based in New Orleans, Native America began as an experimental recording project for 22-year-old songwriter Ross Farbe, who channeled his love for tiny keyboards, homemade noisemakers, and bedroom recordings into addictive tunes with an ethereal dream-pop influence. An infatuation with physical space and natural reverb lead Farbe to break into warehouses, campus parking garages, and abandoned spaces around New Orleans, risking his spotless criminal record to lay down a few tracks. Released in 2010, Dancing About Architecture (from Park the Van Records) is the product of his creative endeavors, with songs like “Universe City” and “Rubberjuice Man” displaying a reverberated, textured sound with an experimental edge. This collection of patchwork songs paved the way for the band’s growth from one to three, with the addition of the very talented John St. Cyr on bass and Ray Micarelli on drums. The contributions of John and Ray can be heard on the second Native America release, New Squeeze (released by Chinquapin Records in April 2011), with chimerical bass and drum parts being added to Ross’ original recordings. 

Now a dynamic trio, the boys of Native America have been nurturing their new sound by playing regular shows in the New Orleans area, and in August of 2012 they embarked on their first tour (the aptly named Intergalactic Catfish Tour), touching down in parts of Louisiana and Texas. Back home in New Orleans, Ross, John, and Ray have been working on perfecting the new aesthetic of Native America by molding the project into more of a collaborative effort between all band members. By combining the old with the new, the band has begun integrating the same experimental techniques and fluorescent dream-pop layering with classic garage-pop undertones. 

The newest Native America recordings veer away from the earlier vibe that Farbe meticulously created, but they are a manifestation of the growth the band has seen in the last two years. Their first full-length album Get Well Soon was released on Chinquapin Records in January 2013 and they’ve got plans to record another album during the spring. Watch out for these young gentlemen as they make their way to a city near you, one bizarre rock and roll show at a time.
Native America