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DEA Youth Dance Program


The DEA Youth Dance Program, a part of the DEA Educational Foundation, was established to empower kids by providing a free and positive afterschool alternative to drugs through the fun, healthy, and expressive art form of dance.

The DEA Youth Dance Program begins at a participating school with an assembly led by a professional dance company. The professional company demonstrates different styles of dance to appropriate musical choices, speaks to the students as role-models, and asks students volunteers to try out movement during the performance hour. Students then may elect to register for a free 10- or 20-week dance class series led by a professional dance instructor. At the end of the series, students perform in a community or school performance setting, bringing family and other students together. Finally, students are encouraged to apply for scholarships at a local studio for the long-term study in dance. Students targeted to participate in the program are primarily in upper elementary and middle school years.

The program curriculum incorporates the DEA Educational Foundation's anti-drug messages and themes such as: participating in positive alternatives to drugs and gang violence, the building of self-esteem, teamwork, resisting negative peer pressure, and focusing on positive health and attitude.

Founded in 1996, CityDance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization recognized as an arts and education leader throughout the DC metropolitan area. With its mission to transform lives and communities through dance, CityDance produces and presents world-class dance; trains young dancers for professional careers; and uses dance to prepare youth for academic, professional, and personal success.

Upcoming Events

  • National Dance Day 2018 National Dance Day 2018

    FREE, no tickets required! Don't miss our annual full day of activities celebrating the art of dance. Enjoy interactive routines and lessons, free outdoor performances, food for purchase, and more, all culminating in a night of Dancing Under the Stars. The 2018 National Dance Day routine is set to Kylie Minogue’s newest single “Dancing.”

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