The Kennedy Center

El Gusto


After fifty years of separation, an orchestra of Jewish and Muslim musicians torn apart by history and war reunite and embark on their first US tour this summer. Together, once more they share again the passion and the soul of the Algerian Casbah…Chaabi music. The orchestra, consisting of the students of the first music class led by the founder of Chaabi music, El Anka, embody a history of community and tolerance. Their stories and their music speak to the possibility of peace through art. With the current climate of the world and the perceptions and sometimes reality of Jewish and Arab relations, El Gusto offers an important story and insight about a group of people linked by land, heritage, and musical ancestry.
El Gusto’s first concert tour saw them performing in legendary venues holding audiences of up to 10,000 people in Europe and this has led to the decision to expand their reach and share their story and music with other parts of the world. The US tour will continue to underline the hope of diplomacy through culture and spark dialogue in US communities about conflict resolution, historical transparency, and the importance of cultural preservation. In addition to this and most importantly, the US tour will invite Americans into the world of Chaabi music and offer a glimpse into Algerian culture, that due to the small number of Algerian musicians presented in the States, is rarely experienced and presented at America’s top cultural institutions.
El Gusto