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Jaime Oliver


Jaime Oliver (computer musician) - is a PhD candidate in Computer Music at the University of
California, San Diego, (UCSD). He is a researcher in the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) and assistant to composer Roger Reynolds. His current production consists of music pieces for computer, sound performance and installation. His research explores the use of gesture in live performance of real-time computer music, producing new controllers and compositions and studying the relationship between gesture and electronic sound, as it relates to the theories of embodiment developed in cognitive science, phenomenology and HCI. Some of his recognitions and honors include scholarships and grants from the Fulbright Commission, the University of California, Meet the Composer, and the Ministry of Culture of Spain. He is 2010 winner of the GIGA-HERTZ-PREIS Special Prize for Technical Innovation from the ZKM Institute, first prize winner from FILE PRIX LUX 2010, first prize in the 2009 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology and was finalist in the Bourges Electronic Arts Competition 2009.
Jaime Oliver