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Trio Galilei


Trio Galilei started playing at Mologne House at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Silver Spring, in November of 2008 and they performed there every Friday that they were not out on tour. Busy musicians, they are half of the group Ensemble Galilei that tours nationally. After six months of giving away Ensemble Galilei CDs Surrick decided that they needed to record the music that they were playing for the soldiers. She called her friends in the industry and everyone agreed to donate their time from the recording engineer, to the studio, the mastering engineer, the photographer, the graphic artist, and the manufacturer – they all donated their time, talents, and machinery.
That effort resulted in the creation of Above and Beyond, and since its release in 2009; 4,000 CDs have been given away to wounded warriors, their families, and the medical practitioners at Walter Reed. When CDs are sold to the public, the money goes to manufacturing more CDs, and if there is money left over, the group donates it to The Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

This year, at the urging of their audience at Walter Reed, Trio Galilei recorded a new CD, titled Home. Again, all of the aspects of the recording were donated by members of the recording industry, including Bias Studios in Springfield, Virginia, Oasis Disc Manufacturing, local designer Marilyn Drea, and photographer Burgess Blevins.

The group was also honored this year when they received the William Donald Schaefer Helping People Award for their ongoing work at the new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda. You can still find them, every Friday afternoon, playing music for wounded warriors and their families at the Warrior Café.

Watch Past Performances

Video 10/4/2013: “Music of Washington’s Time”

As part of a celebration of George Washington, the Kennedy Center and Mount Vernon presents this concert of 18th century period music by Trio Galilei.

Trio Galilei