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David and Ginger Hildebrand


David and Ginger Hildebrand specialize in researching, recording, and performing early American music. Since 1980 they have presented concerts and educational programs throughout the country for museums, historical societies, public schools, and universities. Mount Vernon, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Gallery of Art, and Colonial Williamsburg are among their many past sponsors. In addition to family and adult programs David and Ginger frequently appear at primary schools and offer workshops for teachers to aid in the teaching of American history through music.


The Hildebrands provided soundtrack materials and served as period music consultants for several PBS broadcasts, including the series Liberty!--the American Revolution and the one-hour specials Jefferson: A View from the Mountain and Rediscovering George Washington. C-Span’s American Presidents series and museums like Mount Vernon feature their recorded music as well. David is featured in the public television special Anthem, about “The Star-Spangled Banner,” airing frequently through this bicentennial celebration of the national anthem.


David and Ginger have issued seven full-length recordings, most notably George Washington: Music for the First President (1998) and Music of the War of 1812 (2012). In 1999, together with dance historians Kate van Winkle and Robert Keller, the Hildebrands founded The Colonial Music Institute ( David's most recent collaboration with the Kellers is


Ginger holds an M.M. in guitar performance from the Peabody Conservatory; David’s M.A. in musicology is from George Washington University and his Ph.D. is from The Catholic University of America. Ginger also performs with Ensemble Galilei and David consults and lectures widely; they teach both in the classroom as well as privately.

Watch Past Performances

Video 10/5/2013: “Music of Washington’s Time”

As part of a celebration of George Washington, the Kennedy Center and Mount Vernon present this concert of 18th century period music by David and Ginger Hildebrand.

David and Ginger Hildebrand