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Orquesta Salsa con Conciencia


Orquesta SCC (Salsa con Conciencia) is an 11-piece salsa band based in New York City referred to by their fans as “The New Generation of Salsa Dura.” The band brings a modern vitality and social consciousness to the salsa genre, taking their bold sounds to salsa dancers and fans around the world. “They represent something very significant, a return not just to the classic formula of salsa but to the virtues of it,” says Aaron Levinson, a Grammy-winning producer. “They are going back to the more eclectic period when salsa was street music, playing with spirit and integrity and writing socially relevant music again.” The name Orquesta SCC (Salsa con Conciencia) pays homage to the conscience lyrics the band has become known for around the world.
Orquesta SCC is formed by former La Excelencia core members; founder, conguero, and composer Jose Vazquez-Cofresi, lead vocalist and composer Edwin Perez, arranger and bassist Jorge Bringas, percussionist Charles Dilone, trombonist Ronald Prokopez, and a new addition, master tres guitarist Yuniel Jimenez. As former members of La Excelencia each played a key role in forming the hardcore salsa sound of the band and participated on three CDs: Salsa Con Conciencia, (“Salsa with Awareness/Conscience”), Mi Tumbao Social (“My Social Drum Beat”), and Ecos del Barrio (“Echoes of the Neighborhood”), as well as on Latin Music U.S.A. by PBS and BBC televised special live performance at the Barbican Centre in London. They were featured in The New York Times, Latin Beat Magazine, So You Think You Can Dance, Zumba Fitness, motion pictures, instructional DVDs, and countless salsa/world music compilations.
In 2013, Orquesta SCC signed with Salsa Dura Entertainment LLC, a joint venture between Edwin Perez and Jose Vazquez-Cofresi to release their fourth album working together. The new album named Renacimiento (“Rebirth”) is an 11-track album with arrangements by Jorge Bringas and compositions by Edwin Perez and Jose Vazquez-Cofresi. Fans will enjoy the hardcore salsa sounds, danceable songs, and conscience lyrics on the new album to be released in 2013. The band’s music can also be heard on radio stations, internet radio, and satellite radio both nationally and internationally. Orquesta SCC has built an adoring fan base that spans the globe and successfully created a new revolutionary movement for salsa music.

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Video 10/11/2013: Orquesta Salsa con Conciencia

This nine-person salsa dura ensemble brings modern vitality and social consciousness to the salsa genre.

Orquesta Salsa con Conciencia