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Teofilovic Twins


The Teofilovic Twins, Ratko and Radisa, are, in every sense of the word, unique performers of old Serbian and Balkan music. During their fifteen years of preparations - before they finally decided to appear on the European ethno scene - they have solved the "mystery of the second voice," and found long lost harmonies of traditional singing. Their debut album "Cuvari sna" ("Dream Keepers"), released 1998 was the first one of the future series of four albums, that would complete the initial circle.

Since 1994, The Teofilovic Twins have recorded over 40 songs. They took part in a number of spiritual and secular festivals and music gatherings all over the world. In May 1997 they represented Yugoslavia at the ethno music festival, organized by the European organization CIRCOM in Trondhaim, Norway. In July 1998 they did the same at ethno music festival in Slovenia. In September 1999 they were among the most warmly received participants at Ethnic Music Festival in Skopje, Macedonia, where they also did a very successful workshop about Serbian traditional male singing. They performed worldwide, including Osaka, Japan (2000) The Estivoce Festival in Pigna, Corse, France (2001), Sardegna, Italy (2001), Moscow (2002), Hungary (2002), Ottawa, Canada (2002) and Chicago USA (2004).

The music of the Teofilovic Twins encompasses more than two centuries of traditional musical heritage and evokes the spirit of the entire region. Many songs have been buried deep in the collective memory of the people, many others forgotten, or remembered in part. They have searched for them, recovered them and brought them back to life, giving them their original meanings and feelings, enriched with contemporary influences. The songs are arranged and performed with deep respect for the past, providing the inspiration for the future generations as well. The Teofilovic Twins will help you discover the unsolved mysteries and long forgotten voices of one of the most exciting parts of Europe.
  Teofilovic Twins