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Mongezi Chris Ntaka


The former lead guitarist with Lucky Dube and the Slaves (Africa's top selling artist) is a big fan of the 1950s Kwela and Marabi music. Ntaka spent his childhood in the Johannesburg area and is self educated. A self taught musician, he made his own first guitar and it was that same guitar that got him interested in the 1950s Kwela music. Strong rhythm guitar playing and warm guitar tone has always been his strong passion.

Ntaka's break came in 1985 when he became part of Lucky Dube and the Slaves. His association with Dube produced albums like Slave, Together as One, Prisoner, Captured Live and House of Exile. He went on numerous world tours.

"The custodian of African culture" as he likes to call himself, also recorded and toured with other South African artists including William Mthethwa, Splash, Sister Phumi, Oyaba, Spokes H. and Jambo. Now as a producer, Ntaka decided to expand the Kwela sound by forming his own band, MAHALA.
  Mongezi Chris Ntaka