The Kennedy Center

Joshua Coyne


Joshua Coyne is a talented and inspired young musician living in the D.C. metropolitan area. An accomplished violinist, he began studying music at age four and has been performing in public since the age of eight. A truly versatile musician who moves between music styles with ease; he enjoys classical, jazz, gypsy, opera, and Broadway. In addition to violin, Mr. Coyne plays multiple instruments including piano, saxophone, mandolin, viola, and guitar; and enjoys composing, arranging, and conducting. He is currently composing a piece for violin and orchestra under the mentorship of one of his musical heroes, Mr. Marvin Hamlisch.

Mr. Coyne is a seasoned performer. Over the past five years he has performed as a strolling violinist or soloist at many receptions, private parties, business celebrations, non-profit galas, and music festivals. He has performed on stage for audiences numbering from several hundred to more than thirteen thousand, and has been privileged to perform for state and national dignitaries, civic leaders, and educators. Equally important to him is his passion for composing music. He is currently composing works for a number of youth, community and professional orchestras, and is interested in scoring for movies.

Mr. Coyne possesses an amazing spirit and desires to reach out to the world through his music. Understanding the power of music, he is already using his musical gifts to inspire a better world and draw attention to people and projects that might benefit as a result.
Joshua Coyne