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Dag Ivar Wiren


Swedish composer Dag Ivar Wiren was born in Striberg in 1905. He studied composition with Ernest Ellberg and Oskar Lindberg at the Swedish Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm from 1926 to 1931. He subsequently went to Paris in 1931 where he studied composition and orchestration with Leonid Sabaneyev. After his return to Sweden in 1934, Wiren held several posts including librarian and vice chairman of the Swedish Composers' Association and music critic for the Svenska morgonbladet.

Wiren composed vocal and orchestral works, chamber music and a ballet. His music reflected a cosmopolitan neo-classicism, emphasizing the symmetry of formal structure.
In 1940 Wiren composed a radio opera Blatt, gult, rott inspired by Churchill's now famous phrase, blood, sweat and tears. One of Wiren's most popular works is Seranade for Strings which parodies military music in its imitation of drums.
Dag Wiren


  • Serenade for String Orchestra