Local Dance Commissioning Project: Sarah Beth Oppenheim 9/29/2016

 Local Dance Commissioning Project: Sarah Beth Oppenheim

Drawing inspiration from significant events in JFK's presidency including the Commission on the Status of Women, Civil Rights Legislation and the tumultuous social and congressional climate, the excitement and science of the race to the moon, and JFK's July 1963 request to Congress to abolish the quota system of immigration, Sarah Beth Oppenheim and her company Heart Stück Bernie will create a 50-minute work for the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage accompanied by original music and sound score by local musicians Andrew C. Oppenheim, Daniel Mancini, and Oliver Mertz. With her signature quirky-luscious dance, intimate audience performance art, and dynamic blend of highbrow and lowbrow zeitgeist ingredients, Heart Stück Bernie invites audience members to wield powerful choice, embody creative problem solving, and experience the viscera of political movement; not unlike the '60s and President John F. Kennedy's great call to action when he asked the American people what they could do for their country.

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