Sonia M'barek


Sonia M'barek was born in 1969 in Sfax, Tunisia. She performed for the first time in public at the age of 9, and at age 12 her talents were introduced to large television audiences. She attended the national conservatory of music in Tunis, graduating with a diploma of Arabic music. Since then, Sonia has sung for musical theater productions, including Asker Ellil, Eté 61, Taht Essour, and Didon; and on film soundtracks, including Abulkacem Echebbi (The Dance of Fire). Sonia has worked successfully with Tunisian lute players Ali Sriti and Anouar Brahem, with whom she presented more than 30 concerts of classical Arab music, "Tarab," as well as a CD of the same name. In 1999, her recording, Takht, was distributed throughout Europe, the United States, and Japan under the German label World Network. She has participated in numerous conferences, workshops, and master classes on Arabic singing in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Egypt, Tunisia, and Lebanon. In 2005, she was nominated by the Ministry of Culture in Tunisia to serve as the chair of a national festival of Tunisian music. Sonia M'barek has received countless awards for performance and artistry from prestigious organizations the world over.    
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