Jamal Mahjoub


Jamal Mahjoub is an author, editor, and translator, who was born in London in 1960, but grew up in Khartoum, Sudan, the homeland of his father. His first three novels--Navigation of a Rainmaker, Wings of Dust, and In the Hour of Signs--deal with Sudan and its history. The Carrier, his fourth novel, examines the development of the telescope and astronomical calculating methods which paved the way in the 17th century to the heliocentric picture of the world and to the division of science and religion. Mahjoub was awarded the Guardian/Heinemann African Short Story Prize. His novel Travelling with Djinns (2003) was awarded the Prix d'Astrobale. His most recent works are The Drift Latitudes and Nubian Indigo, both published in 2006. Mahjoub lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.
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