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Native Pride Dancers


Larry Yazzie, Founder and Artistic Director of Native Pride Productions, Inc. (established 2003), is an international lecturer, educator, performer, actor, and recipient of the prestigious 2012 A.P. Anderson Award. The Native Pride Dancers strive to educate and entertain audiences of all ages throughout the world about the beauty, skill, and majesty of Native American music and dance. They offer a variety of performance types, from solo, to troupe, to large ensemble productions designed for classrooms, as well as productions for theaters and festivals. Native Pride’s performances incorporate information about the dances, the regalia (dress), and the meaning and importance of the traditions of the Native American people. The group customizes their program to fit the needs of the school groups they perform for. These programs are inclusive for special education students, including American Sign Language (ASL). They also provide entertaining workshops for corporate gatherings to promote cultural sensitivity and unity in the workplace. The Native Pride Dancers also collaborate with many established and up-and-coming artists throughout Indian country and on the mainstream stage, including former Miss Native American USA, Sarah Ortegon, in workshops and performances. Based in Minnesota, the Native Pride Dancers perform locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Recent notable performances: Kazakhstan U.S. Embassy Tour 2015; Guatemala U.S. Embassy Tour 2014; 2013 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; Republic of Moldova U.S. Embassy Tour 2013; Kingdom of Jordan U.S. Embassy Tour 2012; WeDay at the Xcel Energy Center in Minneapolis, MN; The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., and NYC; The Steppingstone Theater in St. Paul, MN,; and The Cowles Center for the Performing Arts in Minneapolis, MN. The Native Pride Dancers’s mission is to educate, inspire, motivate, and empower diverse communities to bridge cultural gaps through indigenous traditions.

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Video 1/9/2018: Native Pride Dancers

The Native Pride Dancers educate, inspire, and motivate through the beauty and power of Native American music and dance! Learn about the dances, the regalia (dress), and the meaning and importance of the traditions of Native American peoples from cultural educators, musicians, dancers, and singers who are members of numerous tribal nations including: Meskwaki, Navajo, Dakota, Lakota, Ojibwe, Lumbee, Cree, Pueblo, Choctaw, and Chickasaw, to name a few.

Native Pride Dancers