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Martina Fiserova


Martina Fišerová is a Prague-born singer, songwriter and musician. Growing up in a family of musicians, she became hooked on jazz. She has performed with many renowned artists (Laco Deczi among others) at jazz festivals and venues throughout Europe, as well as Taiwan and Vietnam. She supported the Czech rock star singer Kamil Střihavka as his backing vocalist for several years while leading her own original acoustic band. Martina was also honored to join the legendary chanson singer Hana Hegerová in concert. As a singer and lyricist, Martina collaborated on the album These People by renowned Czech bassist Jaryn Janek writing in English, Czech and German. In 2012, Blue Season Art Agency released her spontaneously recorded debut jazz CD Clearing Fields, featuring Grammy- nominated hammond organ player and pianist Brian Charette. Before relocating to New York City a year later, Martina released a poetry book titled Martezie. Her latest CD Shift, stamps her mark on the NYC arts scene and was created both in Europe and the United States. “Supported by skilled international jazz players, Martina introduces her original material and creative production. Her album Shift reveals the maturing and development of an artist, who is not looking back,” ~ James Nadal, All About Jazz.

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Video 10/22/2018: Martina Fišerová

Prague-born singer and musician Martina Fišerová introduces her original songs, meshing
harmonic sophistication with unpretentious and personal expression as part of the celebration of the 100 years of Czech independence.

Presented in collaboration with the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

Czech programming on Millennium Stage is generously supported by The Karel Komárek Family Foundation.

Martina Fiserova