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Wanted Man


Wanted Man is an original rock 'n' roll band from Washington D.C. formed in 2014. Consisting of brother Kenny and Anthony Pirog, bassist Scoops (you won't be disappointed in the origins of his name), and drummer Rick Irby, Wanted Man has crafted a sound that includes elements of Rock, Blues, Folk, Surf, and R&B. Wanted Man's songs are influenced by the lives of the band members, as well as the audience. "Our songs are about what we are, which are working people in America at a strange time," says Kenny Pirog, chief songwriter for Wanted Man. With every show Wanted Man plays, the band strives to improve their craft so that they can continue playing they music they love for many years to come.

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Video 10/10/2018: Wanted Man

Wanted Man plays all kinds of music and their first album has the colors of punk, surf, rock-a-billy, blues, folk, and country, varying from song to song.

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 Wanted Man