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DJ Magic, Dionne Ledbetter, has always had an undeniable love for music. Originally hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, she began her DJ career her senior year of high school, a few months before moving to D.C. to start school at Howard University. She quickly learned to develop her own style which she describes as ‘consistent and smooth with a nostalgic edge’.

Dionne’s overall passion for music came out of growing up on her parent’s widespread combination of R&B, hip-hop, and funk music. She went from elementary school chorus, to middle school musical theater, and then band all throughout high school, resulting in a very mixed spectrum of musical influence. Today, it always translates into her sets as DJ Magic hardly forgets to include the music her audience grew up with.

Most of DJ Magic’s works revolve around bringing in the old and mixing it with the new. Her most popular project, Femme Fatale Vol. III, an all female R&B and hip-hop mix, epitomizes everything that DJ Magic represents; highly energetic and percussive anthems from all regions and decades.

While at Howard, DJ Magic has taken her passion to new heights. She is a DJ for Howard’s student radio station WHBC 96.3 HD3 as well as the official DJ for Howard’s Undergraduate Student Assembly. Dionne also was a finalist in WHBC’s annual DJ, artist, and producer competition, Howard’s Hottest in 2017. Over the past year, DJ Magic has been featured on HBCUBuzz, HerCampus Howard, The Hilltop, The Spotlight Network, and Alisa Seripap’s Passion Forward miniseries.

Outside of DJing, Dionne still follows her passion for music as she currently is a junior Music Composition Major, Classical Saxophone minor at Howard University with hopes of becoming a film and television composer. She plays the baritone sax under the direction of Fred Irby III in the Howard University Jazz Ensemble as well the alto sax under the direction of Kelvin Washington in the Howard University Wind Symphony.

DJ Magic has always been dedicated to creating new, beautiful moments through music. To her, DJing is an important component to celebrating music in its truest forms and it will always be something that she will never get tired of doing.

Twitter: @yagirldjmagic
Instagram: @yagirldjmagic

Watch Past Performances

Video 9/15/2018: WET: A DACAmented Journey

WET: A DACAmented Journey is the story of what it means to be an American in every sense of the word except one: on paper. It chronicles Anner Cividanis's journey living his whole life in the United States as an undocumented American. The play captures the desperation that DREAMers feel when considering their very limited options, forced to navigate a broken U.S. immigration system. The play examines the mental, emotional, and psychological hardship one man has to endure in order to secure his livelihood in the only home he has known: Los Angeles. 

This performance will start with a live DJ set from DJ Magic at 5:30 pm.

Presented as a part of the Hip Hop Theater Festival.

 DJ Magic