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Tânia Oleiro


Tânia Oleiro belongs firmly to the deepest and richest traditions of fado, with a repertory that embraces its most established musical frameworks, joined to lyrics that speak directly to modern sensibilities and age-old truths. The paradox is essential to fado's mystique, and to the grace and beauty that Oleiro brings to her performances. Her highly anticipated first record, "Terços do Fado" (Fado Triptych), features some of fado's best lyricists, composers and musicians in performances that are sublime from end to end. 

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Video 11/5/2018: Marco Oliveira & Tania Oleiro

Award-winning Portuguese fado singers Marco Oliveira and Tânia Oleiro make their Washington, D.C. debuts. Their music explores the dualities of human experience in tales that unfold through the winding streets of old Lisbon.

Tânia Oleiro