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Tashera Robertson known musically as, “Tashera,”  is a singer/songwriter and soul artist. Tashera was born and raised in the heart of Baltimore. Growing up in a neighborhood filled with crime, she was fortunate to see the true beauty of her City through the love, support  and protection from her mother and brother. It was also in Baltimore that she discovered her passion for music.

Tashera honed her gift of singing throughout school, especially during her  four years at the famed, Baltimore City College. There, she sang on the Choir under the  direction of the great Mrs. Linda Hall, who revealed the true capabilities of Tashera’s voice. At “City,” Tashera began to gain a wide appreciation for multiple genres of music, ranging from Classical to Jazz. Studying these various music styles opened Tashera’s ear and added a new depth to her vocal creativity.

After High School, Tashera attended Morgan State University, where she joined MSU Choir and  connected with childhood and high school friends to form the singing group, “The BGV’s.” The BGV”s had great local success in Baltimore. They performed all around the city and were known for their amazing arrangements of covers, mash-ups and harmony. It was during this time that Tashera discovered yet another gift, songwriting!

After college, Tashera had a new focus, motherhood. She said, “Having my son added an entire new dimension to my purpose.” She decided to build a support team to help bring her vision of bringing back “real music,” to pass. Tashera is currently working on her EP which she plans to release in 2019.

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Video 3/26/2019: Tashera

Soul Artist and Singer/Songwriter, "Tashera," Robertson, has a voice that is both captivating and unforgettable. A native of Baltimore and new resident of The District, Tashera combines her life experiences with touches of Jazz, Soul and Rhythm & Blues to inspire her growing fan base!

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