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    The Suzanne Farrell Ballet Snapshot: Violeta Angelova

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    The Suzanne Farrell Ballet: Photoshoot


Violeta Angelova (Soloist) was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She began her dance studies with her mother and later graduated with a master's degree from the National School of Dance Art and the Vienna State Opera Ballet School in Austria. She was invited to represent Bulgaria at the Royal Festival of Arts in Jordan and a number of other international ballet events. Violeta has performed with The Vienna State Opera Ballet, Ballet Internationale, The New Jersey Ballet, and The National Ballet of Bulgaria. She has performed in Marius Petipa's The Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote and La Bayadère, among others; as well as ballets by William Forsythe, Mikhail Fokine, Ali Pourfarokh and Robert North. After joining The Suzanne Farrell Ballet in 2006, Violeta has performed lead roles in George Balanchine's Concerto Barocco, Agon, Valse Fantasie, Sonatine, La Sonnambula, Apollo, La Source, Divertimento No.15.

A Conversation with Violeta

What is your favorite role to dance and why?
I don't have a favorite role, but I very much enjoy when a ballet has you dancing on a feeling or when you have the chance to build a character.

What do you like to do when you are not dancing?
Usually something else connected to the arts. Also I love nature and I try to get back to it! TV sometimes gets in the way of that.

How do you prepare yourself for the physical challenges of rehearsing, performing, touring?
I train. Besides ballet class I do my own exercises. For performing, I prepare myself by rehearsing. As for how I prepare for touring, well let's face it - no matter how much you prepare, it's always exhausting.

What is it like to work with Ms. Farrell? Any fun and memorable stories or anecdotes about working with her?
Dancing in Ms. Farrell's company opened new horizons for me. She is one of the nicest people to work with. Rehearsals with her are always productive, she knows the ballets inside and out, and she tells the most amazing stories. Sometimes I wish we could have more time together. There are lots of little fun moments to recall. Here is one: A little while back I wore a different leotard every day for two or three weeks, but it was really such a routine I did not even realize I was doing it. One day Ms. Farrell looked at me and asked if I had a leotard shop! She notices everything!

What music do you like to listen to when you warm-up?
I listen to music more when going to the theater than when warming-up. It's either an all-genre hits list or classical music.

What do you think is the most common myth about being a ballerina? What do you wish people knew about what it's really like to be a ballerina?

I'd say the most common myth is that we all have ugly toes. I was talking to a bank manager once and he told me he knew more about ballet than most people. He followed that with "I know how your toes look." "No, you don't," I replied. I was irritated.

Do you feel an affinity for any particular choreographer?
I don't think I will be able to answer properly until I'm fifty years old and have retired from dancing onstage.

What is the biggest reward in your career?

Probably inspiring children to try and learn about ballet as well as representing Bulgaria around the world.

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