Allen Bryan


Allen Bryan's photography hints at the cyclical and ever-changing nature of people's lives and the environment they inhabit. The minute details of objects in and around these living spaces give a glimpse into both the past and present. Space is altered; interiors intrude into exteriors through windows or doors left carelessly ajar. A phantom occupant is implied. His unsettling and precarious creations offer a sense of instability or flux. Able to see fewer than 10 degrees of visual field, Bryan views the world in small sections. The places shown in his photographs are digitally constructed from slide and digital images. Bryan has been an art and filmmaking teacher, a jewelry designer, a goldsmith, a gallery owner, and a photographer. He has exhibited his fine-art photographs of landscapes and people's interactions with the land since 1990. Bryan graduated from SUNY, New Paltz, New York.
'Holiday Setting', photography-pigmented inkjet print by Allen Bryan