DaVinci's Notebook


The award-winning a cappella quartet, DaVinci's Notebook, takes four-part harmony and stands it on its ear. DaVinci's Notebook is a Washington, D.C.-based a cappella quartet which was formed in 1993 when the group burst onto D.C.'s burgeoning open mike scene. The quartet fuses elements of doo-wop, jazz, bluegrass, calypso and rock and have headlined concerts at the Birchmere, the RamÆs Head Tavern, the National Theater and the Warner Theater. They were also named Artists-in-Residence on the Millennium Stage in June 1997. That same year, DaVinci's Notebook won the Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes Festival and they appear monthly as studio guests on WBIG-FM's "Big Oldies Morning Show."

Bernie Muller-Thym says that, as an army brat, he had no early music training, but by the time he reached high school he began to focus on vocal and piano performance, consequently giving up his childhood dream of becoming a fireman.

Gregory "Storm" DiCostanzo grew up in Gaithersburg and comes from a family of performers. Storm's career began in childhood and he continues to act, dance, sing, choreograph, and write his own compositions as well as scripts for TV, radio and film.

D.C. native Richard Hsu studied piano and won numerous local piano competitions. While at the University of Maryland Hsu joined the University Choir and formed the Generics, then and now the only all-male vocal ensemble at the University of Maryland.

Paul Sabourin is the writer/arranger of DaVinci's award-winning tune, Liposuction. A trumpeter, Sabourin has won various soloist awards for his jazz playing, and he has a master's degree in Speech Communication from the University of Maryland.

Watch Past Performances

Video 8/20/2000: DaVinciÆs Notebook

Award-winning a cappella quartet DaVinci's Notebook takes four-part harmony and stands it on its ear.

Video 3/5/2000: DaVinciÆs Notebook

DaVinci's Notebook performs four-part a cappella harmony in pop, rock, and calypso.

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