Didier Squiban


Pianist, arranger, and composer, Didier Squiban is equally renowned as the director of his jazz orchestra. His music is the happy combination of traditional Breton music, jazz improvisation, and classical romanticism.

Squiban began his classical piano studies at the Brest Conservatoire of Music in 1959. When he discovered the music of jazz greats Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock, he turned to jazz and, a few years later, to Breton music. He specialized in Breton music from 1987 to 1993 through concerts with Manu Lannhuel and Kristen Noguès.

Since 1994 he has taken part in the “Heritage des Celtes” and performs regularly with Yann-Fañch Kemener.

In 1997 he produced his first solo album, “Molène,” which was well received by both jazz and classical music lovers. His live album, “Porz gwenn,” was recorded during his concert at the Festival de Lorient.
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