Grupo Yuyachkani


Augusto Casafranca, actor
Ana Correa, musical accompaniment

Grupo Yuyachkani, which in Quechua means "I am thinking" or "I am remembering," is the name chosen by a Peruvian theater group formed in 1971. Yuyachkani's plays are created around dancing, music, traditions, masks, and other elements of our culture. The group's fifteen plays reveal a theatrical insight into Peru through the theater. Over the years, the group has taken its shows and didactic sessions to many different parts of the country, where they have, in turn, nurtured their creativity with the life and customs of the peoples.
Adios Ayacucho, the tale of a Peruvian peasant tortured and killed by the military whose soul returns to Lima in search of his remains and eternal peace, is directed by Miguel Rubio Zapata and based on an adaptation of the novel by Julio Ortega.
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