Sara Hickman


Singer/songwriter Sara Hickman grew up in an artistic family and was enthralled with music from an early age. While attending HoustonÆs High School for the Performing Arts, she began performing in earnest wherever she could find a stage and audience: clubs, weddings, and even psychiatric hospitals.

At North Texas State University in Denton, Hickman earned a B.A. in painting while starting to make her mark on the local music scene as a solo act and an occasional guest with her friends Brave Combo. After graduation, she moved to Dallas, and recorded and co-produced Equal Scary People, which was originally released on Brave ComboÆs Four Dots Records.

A cover story in the Dallas Observer brought her to the attention of Elektra Records, who signed her and re-released Equal Scary People. Her second album, Shortstop, yielded a #3 adult contemporary hit, ôI CouldnÆt Help Myself,ö and helped her become a favorite on VH-1, where she hosted her own special, In Your Face, along with several countdown shows.

When Elektra decided to shelve her third recording, Necessary Angels, Hickman took her cause to her fans, who helped her raise $40,000 to buy back the masters from the label. Her determination paid off when the album was subsequently released on Discovery Records to critical acclaim.

Around the same time she recorded and co-produced two albums as a member of Domestic Science Club with her friends Patty Lege and Robin Macy. As well, Hickman has co-produced a documentary, Take It Like A Man, a film exploring sexism and female role models that aired on PBS and the Playboy Channel, and directed a short film about a homeless woman she knew in Dallas, Joy, that won first place at the USA Film Festival.
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