Lousie Taylor


Louise Taylor got her first guitar at age 12, and says the first people she remembers listening to were Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young and Leon Russell, along with “some R&B stuff.” Her first forays into performing involved “street music,” where she’d take four to six songs she’d written, find a street corner, and play them over and over. Struck by wanderlust, she left home at fifteen and hitchhiked and busked her way around the U.S. for more than two years. At the age of 26, she gave birth to her son, Morgan. A single parent, she worked at Marlboro College for eight years as Director of Work Study and Housekeeping. Continuing to write songs and perform, Taylor released her debut CD, “Looking for Rivers,” in 1992; “Ruby Shoes” followed in 1996; “Ride” in 1997; and her current CD is called “Written in Red.” Her travels to Ireland have added a new dimension to her music and some of her recent lyrics are based on traditional Irish and Appalachian storytelling. The instrumental arrangements blend her original blues-y style with Celtic sounds.
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