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Rhome Anderson


Rhome "DJ Stylus" Anderson is a DJ, producer, writer and cultural curator raised and based in Washington, DC. Stylus takes a tight hip-hop approach to mixing and applies it to a palette of tunes from overlooked classics to the newest progressive electronic sounds, connecting the soulful elements of his selections to inspire dance floors. He is a member of The Soul Controllers (a DJ collective) and of The POEM-CEES (a hip-hop/poetry performance group).

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Video 3/25/2014: One Mic Creative Ecosystem Presents Hip-Hop in the Pocket

This show celebrates the artistic kinship and creative exchange between two musical "play-cousins": go-go and hip-hop. Rhome “ DJ Stylus” Anderson and Pure Perfection Band and Show engage in a call-and-response that explores how both forms have influenced each other and contemporary American music over the past several decades. This musical storytelling session is rounded out by host/singer Nea Posey and videographer Tewodross Melchishua and is produced by Nzinga Tull. Part of One Mic: Hip-Hop Culture Worldwide.

Rhome Anderson