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Pure Perfection Band and Show


Pure Perfection is an up-and-coming band started in Washington, D.C. by Alfred Martin Jr. in 2006. Their sound is described as jazzy, funky go-go with a rhythm and blues swing.  They have performed at top local venues including Takoma Station, Stone Fish Grill, Xll Lounge and Roses Dejavu where they currently can be seen grooving every Monday night. Pure Perfection continues to strive for perfection while giving listeners a new sound for getting down.

Pure Perfection Band and Show is: Grand Conductor Alfred "Man" Martin, Jr. (manager/lead mic/vocals); Riko Beverly (co-manager/bass); Genene Smallwood (second mic/vocals); Benjamin Littlejohn (congos/percussion); Vacarri Turner (drums); Travis McClary (bass); Reginald Nelson (keyboards); and John Washington (keyboards).".

Watch Past Performances

Video 3/25/2014: One Mic Creative Ecosystem Presents Hip-Hop in the Pocket

This show celebrates the artistic kinship and creative exchange between two musical "play-cousins": go-go and hip-hop. Rhome “ DJ Stylus” Anderson and Pure Perfection Band and Show engage in a call-and-response that explores how both forms have influenced each other and contemporary American music over the past several decades. This musical storytelling session is rounded out by host/singer Nea Posey and videographer Tewodross Melchishua and is produced by Nzinga Tull. Part of One Mic: Hip-Hop Culture Worldwide.

Pure Perfection Band and Show