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The Narcicyst


The Narcicyst, real name Yassin Alsalman, is a musician/actor/multimedia artist who has shared his work in forums like TedEx, the Dubai International Film Festival, the Melbourne Festival, and the Montreal International Jazz Festival. He has performed across the Middle East, Europe, and North America, sharing the stage with hip-hop’s elite; rocking festivals, classrooms, and cinema screens worldwide. His acting career includes roles in Dubai’s drama City of Life, TV5’s Betes Humaines, and most recently, in Rise, his self-written short music film.
Narcy got his Masters degree in Media Studies, ultimately shaping the context and ethos behind a lot of his work. He recently set up his multimedia company, The Medium, to facilitate international collaborations amongst the artists, thinkers, and brands worldwide. With his music as the message, The Medium is the umbrella that encompasses all his creative colleagues as an international body of independent thinkers; The New World Citizen.

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Video 4/8/2014: Nomadic Wax Presents The Narcicyst

Iraqi Canadian musician, actor, multimedia artist, and activist The Narcicyst has shared his work worldwide, blending traditional Arab sounds with hip-hop. Part of One Mic: Hip-Hop Culture Worldwide.