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Hip-Hop Dancer/Choreographer/Actor/Artistic Director/ Gabriel “KWIKSTEP” Dionisio was born and raised in New York City. Between the age of seven and eight Kwikstep and was inspired by Soul Train, the Jackson 5 and the Duo “Shields and Yarnell and started doing “The Robot” later he began to pursue the techniques known as Popping, Boogaloo and Locking . In the early eighties when he attended local block parties, roller skating rinks and clubs, he joined his friends who were breaking and was slowly becoming well rounded in all these street dance styles. His first tour was with the “New York Express” around China at the age of nineteen which took him on a 12 city tour. By 1991 he had won a Bessie award for choreography and founded the internationally known Full Circle in 1992. In 1996 Kwikstep and his wife Rokafella established Full Circle as a non profit internationally acclaimed Hip hop collective known as Full Circle Productions. Today he is an international icon in breaking and is best known for his smooth style, versatility and signature head spins.

Kwikstep has performed in VH1 Hip Hop Honors honoring Hip Hop’s Founding Father Africa Bambaataa as well as PBS's Peabody Award-winning "Everybody Dance Now," the Great Performances 20th Anniversary Special, and Kurt Weill's "September Songs," which was nominated for an Emmy Award.
Kwikstep was a principal dancer and Co Founder in companies such as Rhythm Technicians and GhettOriginal who were the creators of “Jam on the Groove” which was nominated for a Drama Desk Award in 1996.

Kwikstep has done commercial work for Dr. Pepper, Levi’s, Stride Gum and a Spike Lee commercial for He has also appeared in films, TV and video work, which include Brown Sugar starring Sanaa Lathan.
Kwikstep has also Choreographed for artists such as Will smith, Missy Elliott, KRS-One, Fabolous to name a few.
Kwikstep performed at the Bristol Riverside Theater in a Shakespeare production called “What You Will”. Which then led him to which will now be his 5th year working the Green show at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

He has taught highly sought after workshops in breaking techniques at the Broadway Dance Center in New York, Red Bull The Beat Riders, Red Bull BC One. Kwikstep has also been teaching workshops in New York Public Schools and Libraries as well as prestigious colleges across the country for over 20years in an effort to make students aware of the Hip-Hop lifestyle-and fundamental movement along with the history and the meaning behind Hip Hop as a culture.

Kwikstep wears many hats and has worked in many facets in the entertainment industry such as,
Red Bull hiring Kwikstep as An Artistic Consultant/Producer for the Red Bull BC One in New York.
he also co-directed as well as created and produced music for the score of the b girl documentary All the Ladies Say. He’s judged dance contests such as The Battle of the Year in Germany, IBE and R-16 as well as served as a judge for many of the Red Bull BC one events. Kwikstep was also hired as a commentator for the Red Bull BC One Nationals as well as the World Finals in Brazil.

As Kwikstep has had over 30 years experience in Hip Hop culture and it’s Multi disciplinary art form He takes great pleasure in mentoring students who desire to explore the possibilities of a career in performance art through Full Circle Prod.
Kwikstep was hired as a cultural envoy by the US Sate Department to be an international peace ambassador for the US through Hip Hop Culture. Kwikstep considers it an honor to have been chosen for this position as it gives him an international platform that provides options to the teens of today who, like him, are presented with the challenges of street life as the only way to live. When Students first meet Kwikstep, he is always known for opening up or closing the conversation about Hip Hop with –
“ When It comes to Hip Hop and It’s Dance forms It’s Not About The Moves, It’s about The Movement!”

Watch Past Performances

Video 4/12/2014: Words Beats & Life Presents Top Notch – B-boy/B-girl Battle

At 6 p.m., b-boys and b-girls demonstrate their skills in circles and give lessons. Competing for cash prizes, the dance battle’s preliminary rounds begin at 7 p.m. with the final rounds beginning at 8 p.m. The battle, hosted by Silver Spring, Maryland lyricist Trus Real and New York b-boy Kwikstep, includes judges such as hip-hop artist Narumi from Japan, DC area b-boy Toyz aRe Us, and pioneering New York b-girl Rokafella with DJ Fleg and DJ RBI on the turntables. Interested in competing? Registration is at the Kennedy Center in the Grand Foyer beginning at 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 12.  Registration will close promptly at 3:30 p.m. Part of One Mic: Hip-Hop Culture Worldwide.