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The Walking Sticks


The Walking Sticks is the outfit of twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst and their soulful beyond her years lead singer Chelsea Lee. The group from Silver Spring, Maryland  took off in 2011 as a vehicle for deep roots grooves and harmony, but the Sticks have recently taken a few leaps into much different territory. After touring the more meditative and heavily acoustic debut album World So Bright, the twins began accumulating an arsenal of old synthesizers from around town. More importantly, they signed on their longtime friend and collaborator Chelsea Lee in 2012.

The brand new EP Send the Night preaches a new found love for saw waves and modern production but maintains a compositional approach more inspired by Laurel Canyon than Hollywood. The Ernst boys’ years of crooning Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young in the bar is irremovable from the dreamy harmonies that weave through the mix. And with a new set of gadgets to accompany her, Chelsea Lee’s classic rasp stands out as something entirely its own. While the new songs demand a little more sweat from the audience, the band’s initial focus remains the same: to make great pop music.

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Video 3/2/2014: Listen Local First D.C. presents The Walking Sticks

The Silver Spring, MD–based trio, which consists of twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst and lead singer Chelsea Lee, blends deep roots grooves and harmony with meditative and heavily acoustic pop.

The Walking Sticks