Landlady is the Brooklyn-born brainchild of Adam Schatz, a vision completed by Mikey Freedom Hart, Ian Davis, Jeremy Gustin, Will Graefe, and Charlie Ferguson. A band quietly built upon one self-released record and a history of heart-pounding hometown live shows, Landlady has turned up the volume on its own evolved sound with the creation of Upright Behavior, the new album out this Spring on Hometapes (Bear In Heaven, Matthew E. White, Celestial Shore, Megafaun, Leverage Models, Pattern Is Movement). Setting ablaze melodic territories mapped by the likes of Paul McCartney, Jeff Lynne, and Randy Newman – and measuring their rhythmic pulse by by Can, Os Mutantes, and contemporary time-c

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Video 3/4/2014: Landlady

The Brooklyn-based group is a six-piece dynamic pop explosion that features a unique mix of violin, guitar, bass, drums, electric keyboards, and vocals.