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Anders Fahey is a versatile banjoist, guitarist, arranger, music educator, and trained ethnomusicologist who initially moved out to Washington DC in 2012 to pursue an internship at Smithsonian Folkways and has since been deeply involved in DC’s performing arts scene. Margaret Wasaff began her musical career in Asheville, NC and has since taken DC by storm as a celebrated and prolific singer-songwriter. Along with award-winning multi-talented percussionist Manny Arciniega, Fahey and Wasaff form the DC-based folk fusion trio Ballad’ve, an ensemble that intertwines close vocal harmonies with finger-style guitar, blues banjo, and a range of rhythmic stylings from across the globe. Ballad’ve draws its musical influences from the shape-note singing tradition, early blues, old-time, and such modern popular artists as Gillian Welch, Anais Mitchell, and Elliott Smith.