Pat Humphries


Pat Humphries is an award-winning singer/songwriter /guitarist/activist who began performing in 1977 in clubs and coffee houses in Cleveland, where she played folk, contra dance, bluegrass and old-time music in a variety of bands. She began her solo career when she wrote “Keep On Moving Forward” in 1984. She participates in song nights and national tours devoted to the music of late activist/songwriter Phil Ochs, and performs for both adults and children. Her activism has always been an integral part of her music. In 1996 she joined in a delegation of women from eighteen countries, who observed the national elections in Nicaragua, returning in 1999 to help build houses destroyed by Hurricane Mitch.

Humphries won first prize in the “Folk” category at the Northern California Songwriters’ Association contest, and her songs are sung by many notable performers, including Pete Seeger. To date Humphries has two recordings: “Same Rain,” released on her own label, Moving Forward Music, and “Hands,” on Appleseed Recordings.

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