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Serendib Dance


Serendib Dance is a Sri Lankan traditional and folk dance company directed by founder, choreographer, dancer and educator, Asanga Domask in 2013.

“Serendib” is an ancient Arabic word used to refer to a magical island in the Indian Ocean known today as Sri Lanka. Ancient Sri Lankan traditions and culture are the root and soul of this new company far from that land, but immersed in the country’s spirit, art and history.

The performances celebrate an art form built upon thousands of years of tradition with deep roots in everyday village life, Buddhist religious customs, and ceremonial celebrations for the island’s royalty.  These performances give the audience an opportunity to view the authentic, non-commercialized version of this graceful dance form.  Elaborate costumes, traditional music, and powerful yet elegant movements will engage audiences of all ages and interests.

Watch Past Performances

Video 3/22/2014: Serendib Dance

The Sri Lankan dance company performs both traditional and folk dances directed by founder, choreographer, dancer, and educator, Asanga Domask.

Serendib Dance