Ricky Randimbiarison


Ricky Randimbiarison started to play music in his childhood with his grandmother, a famous traditional singer and storyteller, and other members of his family. Ricky's music is rooted in traditional rhythms allied with influences from major musical trends of the world. Ricky gives spiritual dimensions to his work with Vazimba culture as his inspiration. The Vazimba being the first inhabitants of Madagascar. He studied with a talented Malagasy musician, Tovo Andrianandrainy, learning the secrets and techniques of the traditional songs of his native region. Inspired by this kind of music, in 1984 Ricky returned to the traditional roots of Malagasy music: Tsireko, Antsabe, Sery and Hazolahy. After working temporarily with the young Malagasy group, Hippies, Ricky’s vocalization and poly phonic exercises led him to explore drum techniques and traditional music while studying the hazolahy drum and began to combine his melodious voice with traditional types of percussion such as amponga or adabo. Ricky Randimbiarison is the most gifted and certainly popular singer in his native Madagascar, where he is known as 'Olombelona Ricky' ('Ricky, the human being') and the local press has reported the phenomenon of 'Rickymania'. He has gathered around him a group of the hottest musicians in Madagascar to form a band whose stated aim is to fuse their native vako-drazana folk music with jazz to produce a mixture they call vakojazzana. Vazimba Muzik is built around the extraordinary bass player, Toty, who uses his instrument to simulate the deep, buzzing resonance of the cythar which underlies marovany music. Ricky has worked on his album Olembelona Ricky (BW113) with Airto Moreira, completely re-building the tracks for release early next year on M.E.L.T.2000. Ricky Randimbiarison: Group leader, composer, interpreter, vocal, drums, percussions and berimbau Luc Gatien Ambroise Randimbiarison: Dancer, percussions, and vocal Daddy Andriatsiferana: Guitar, kabosy and vocal Jean Christian Andry: Dancer, drums, djembe, and percussions Mendrika Rasolomahatratra: Drums Fanaiky Rasolomahatratra: Bass and guitar Rajaonarivony Rakotoarimalala: Keyboard
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