Scott Ainslie


Musician/historian Scott Ainslie is the author of the best-selling “Robert Johnson/At the Crossroads” and a Starlicks video Master Session Series teaching video on Johnson’s technique. He has released two popular CDs, “Jealous of the Moon” and “Terraplane.”

Scott Ainslie's new recording, "You Better Lie Down," brings together songs learned from his field recordings of some of North Carolina's little known blues and gospel musicians. David 'Honeyboy' Edwards' "Big Fat Woman", Mississippi John Hurt's "Pay Day", and Robert Johnson's startling and spare "Crossroads Blues" lie side by side with B. B. King's "Losing Faith in You" and a bluesy solo version of Sam Cooke's "Bring It On Home To Me".

Ainslie’s popular college lecture performance, “From the Diddley Bow to Bo Diddly: The Crossroads of African and American Blues,” traces the African roots and American diversity in sequence through gospel and blues, ragtime, jazz, and rhythm ‘n’ blues.

In addition to his concertizing, Ainslie presents educational performances, and guitar and teacher workshops.
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