Shahriar Saleh


Shahriar Saleh was born in 1949 in Tehran, Iran, and started to learn samtur at the age of eleven. A few years later he also began to learn violin and guitar. It was while attending guitar and formal notation classes with Sohrab Andisheh that he became inspired by the works of the Persian music masters.

Shahriar came to the U.S. in 1967 to continue his education. While attending several music classes in harmony, orchestration, instrumentation, aesthetics at his university, he still continued his study of the Persian music masters. In 1977 he returned to Iran and became personally acquainted with a number of these Persian musicians: Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Asqhar Bahari, Naser Eftetah, Nader Golchin, Jalal Zolfonoon, Kamran Darooqheh, and Morteza Khan Varazi.

Since his return to this country in 1982, Shahriar has attempted to pursue Persian music in a semi-professional way, emphasizing the teaching of this art to Iranians and non-Iranians abroad.

He formed the music group, Saba, with other Persian musicians and the group has released a number of works since its inception. In addition, Shahriar has presented Persian music at a number of universities and other cultural institutions and events. For the past eighteen years he has held music classes which include instruction in santur, violin, zarb, guitar and voice.

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Video 3/21/2000: The Shahriar Saleh Ensemble

The Nava Ensemble derives its inspiration from the works of Persian music masters.

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