Shashank is a 20 year old bamboo flute virtuoso from South India, who has been captivating audiences and critics around the world since the age of twelve. His exceptional musical talent was first revealed at the age of nine months. Appearing to be mesmerized by a group of pipe musicians, the infant protested at being move away. He was only calmed when placed back in front of the musicians. His father recognized his sonÆs rare gift and devoted his life to the boyÆs training. At two and a half, Shashank could identify the 72 melakritis (the difficult ragas, or scales) in south Indian music. Though he studied violin until the age of six, Shashank surprised his teacher one day by performing an intermediate-level composition on his fatherÆs bamboo flute û flawlessly! From that moment on, Shashank refused to play any other instrument.

When Shashank was taken to meet IndiaÆs world-renowned flutist, Mali, the artist was so moved that he gave his own flute to the boy. Mali advised him that he should study only vocal music and be allowed to develop his own style. Shashank was not exposed to the styles of other flutists or otherwise instructed in flute-playing technique.

When the self-taught Shashank made his debut in India at the prestigious Madras Music Academy, he played with such mastery and imagination that the critics gave him a standing ovation. For the past ten years, the flutist has had a huge following in India, Europe and the Far East. He has been touted as both a child prodigy and child avatar (embodiment of god). It is widely believed among IndiaÆs population that he received his musical gift from a past life.

Shashank performs with a team of five accompanists, each a soloist in his/her own right. He uses several flutes, bass to piccolo, and is accompanied by violin, mridangam, ghatam, moorsing, and tambura (a drone instrument).

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