Daniel Nyochaku Soergel


Daniel Nyohaku Soergel plays the Shakuhachi, the traditional bamboo flute of Japan. He completed study of the standard Kinko-Ru repertoire under the mentorship of Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin and Yoshio Kurahashi and performs regularly in the New York City metropolitan area.

In 1998, after ten years of study of traditional Honkyoko (original music written for the flute), and Sankyoku (chamber music scored for Shamisen, Koto and Shakuhachi), he was awarded the titel of Jun-Shi Han (master) of Kinko-Ryu from the Ki-Sui-An Dojo, the largest and most established outside of Japan. The performance name of Nohaku was chosen by his teachers to commemorate the receipt of the Natori (teaching certification). Nyohaku means ôlike the essence of whitenessö and reflects the spiritual nature of shakuhachi performance.

He has played both solo and with many of New YorkÆs top Japanese music performers (Shamisen and Koto) at the Asia Society, the Japan Society, the Hammond Museum and Stroll Garden, the New York and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and BrooklynÆs Prospect Park.

Mr. Soergel plays at weddings, monastic retreats and festivals, and private events. Some of his recent projects have incorporated new music for shakuhachi combined with modern dance compositions. He teaches privately at his residence in Brooklyn Heights.

Watch Past Performances

Video 4/3/1999: Daniel Nyochaku Soergel

Daniel Soergel, Shakuhachi Master, performs haunting and meditative bamboo flute.

Daniel Nyochaku Soergel