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Billy Seago (USA), Master of Ceremonies/Director of Storytelling Night As a teacher, assistant director and co-director with the Seattle Child Hearing League’s Summer Hearing-Impaired Arts Camp, featured artist for Sign-A-Vision Institute’s Stories in the Attic video series, and the co-founder and current program director of the Deaf Youth Drama Program at Seattle Children’s Theatre, Billy has over 20 years worth of experience. He has taught over 25 theatre arts residences and over 150 workshops along with directing nine Deaf Kids Drama Festivals. He is an internationally known master storyteller hailing from Washington State and has been everywhere including Japan, Holland, Canada and many more. Levent Beskardes (France) A resident of Paris, Levent Beskardes is a poet, actor, artist, and film-maker. Born in Turkey, Beskardes expresses mood and rhythm through his hands, facial expressions and gestural language. He created the short films “Clown’s Dream,” “Bird,” and “The Artist” without a technical team. Robert Farmer (Australia) Robert Farmer hails from the beach city of Scarborough in Western Australia. Beginning in 1994, he performed for 4 years with the Australian Theatre of The Deaf. He has studied with the American National Theatre of the Deaf. Robert developed his own “one-man show” called the “Rob Roy Show” which has a variety of visual skits, signed songs, storytelling and jokes. Farmer has performed all over the world including UK, France, Albania, Italy, Uganda and, of course, Australia. You can find out more about Robert Farmer at

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Video 7/12/2002: ASL Storytelling Night

Storytelling Night features internationally renowned deaf storytellers who present their stories in ASL, for deaf and hearing people of all ages.

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