Susheela Raman


Born in London in 1973 to South Indian parents, Susheela Raman moved to Australia when she was very young. Still, she grew up singing South Indian classical music and giving recitals at an early age. In 1995 Raman went to India to study with Shruti Sadolikaar, one of the greatest living Hindustani vocalists. Returning to England in 1997, she began working with Sam Mills who had made a record called “Real Sugar” with a Bengali singer named Paban Das Baul. The record inspired Raman because it bridged a gap and found common ground for Indian music to be expressed to a new audience. Mills’ work with the West African group Tama also opened a whole set of musical contact points for Raman. The record they developed over three years included original material they wrote as well as Carnatic songs Raman had sung when she was younger.
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